Universal Imaging Industries UH65

offered by Universal Imaging Industries, LLC in business since: 2011

Brand: Universal Imaging Industries

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Universal Imaging Industries UH65
Universal Imaging Industries UH65


Universal Imaging Industries 25k Universal Toner Chip for:

Burroughs: UDS640-N11, UDS650-N11, UDS640-MRN, UDS650-MRN

Dell: 5230dn/n, 5350dn, 5530dn, 5535dn MFP

IBM/Ricoh: Infoprint 1832, Infoprint 1852, Infoprint 1872, Infoprint 1892, Infoprint 1850 MFP, Infoprint 1860 MFP, Infoprint 1870 MFP, Infoprint 1880 MFP

Lexmark: T650n/dn/dtn, T652n/dn/dtn, T654n/dn/dtn, T656n/dn/dtn/dne, TS650n, TS652dn, TS654dn, TS656dne, X651de MFP, X652de MFP, X654de MFP, X656de/dte MFP, X658de/dfe/dme/dte MFP, XS651de MFP, XS652de MFP, XS654de MFP, X656dte MFP, X658dme MFP

Okidata: MB780 MFP, MB790F Mfp, MB790M Mfp

Sindoh: LP 5000n/Ltn/dn/Hdn, LP 5005Ln/dn/Hdn, MF 4550/L/H MFP

Source Technologies: ST 9630, ST9650, ST Ricoh/IBM 1832

Standard Register: PL5945, PL5955

Toshiba: 430P, 530P

Unisys: UDS640-N11, UDS650-N11, UDS640-MRN, UDS650-MRN

Universal Brand

Region: Worldwide

Yield: 25k

Seller's inventory #: UH65
Universal Imaging Industries, LLC

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in business since: 2011

Seller Type: Cartridges
Member since: Feb 21, 2017

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