PinPoint Document Management System

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  • PinPoint Document Management System
    PinPoint Document Management System
  • PinPoint Document Management System
    PinPoint Document Management System
  • PinPoint Document Management System
    PinPoint Document Management System


PinPoint is a Document Management System Suitable For Any Size or Type of Business

PinPoint is a fully customizable, non-technical approach that is an exact fit for your organizational needs. Through PinPoint, your company will have the ability to define fields and types of documents, even change screen field names without programming to match your organizational procedures. PinPoint also supports multiple languages for a multi-lingual organization.

PinPoint comes with full security settings and rights, with content, version, workflow, retention and forms management built-in. Automatic multi-document batch filing using OCR capture, as well.


  • Electronic File Management
  • Direct Scanning/Importing
  • Drag-and-Drop Filing
  • OCR with Content Management
  • Archive and Export Tools
  • Retention Management
  • Check-in/Check-out
  • Version Control
  • Annotations and Redactions
  • Finalize/Legal Hold

PinPoint is An Efficient Way to Electronically Manage and Organize Your Files At An Affordable Price

Enjoy the Flexibility of Document Access From Any Device!

Automatic Filing

Simply drag and drop your files or set up a "hot-folder" on your workstation so that they can be automatically swept and filed by our Automated Robot Integration Explorer, or A.R.I.E., without any human intervention.

File Organization

Define cabinets, folders, sub-dividers, document types and more to fit your organizational needs. Set security at any level by user and/or by group.


Store an unlimited amount files with fast and easy retrieval. Choose the number of users to access your PinPoint system, as well.

On-The-Go Mobility

Use PinPoint from any location, compatible on any device with internet access.

Company Collaboration

Businesses large and small are able to communicate, set up workflows, and securely store documents in one centralized system. Monitor workflow tasks and set overdue notifications.

Automated Workflow

Includes an easy to use workflow task manager, with automatic notifications, reassigning tasks, and supervisor monitoring.

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